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"After being a tutor at Schenectady County Community College (SCCC) for about a year, I was asked by my school's tutor coordinator if I could write an on-line form where students could sign up for tutoring. I happened to be in a database management class that required an independent final software project, so I said I would build an on-line tutoring system website.

SCCC has been using the beta version of this program for over a year; now - after much fine-tuning - I have ended the beta stage. Virtual Tutor Coordinator V3.1 is a superb tutoring scheduler that is exceptionally functional and easy-to-use. I based Virtual Tutor Coordinator V3.1 on the needs that I saw while I worked in a tutoring system, and the many features of VTCV3.1 cover a myriad of things that could be useful for a tutoring system. Please take some time to see the way this wonderful software works! I think it can fill the needs of just about any tutoring system."

-Guy Goldstein, Programmer

"The Virtual Tutor Coordinator has made managing the Tutor Services Program at SCCC much easier and more efficient. It has cut down by well over 50% the amount of time spent on scheduling and notifying students and tutors, allowing me to concentrate more on higher priority tasks like recruiting and training new tutors. Since we have started to use the Virtual Tutor Coordinator we have significantly increased the number of students tutored and the overall hours that tutors have spent with students.

Some of the other benefits for me have been increased visibility and access to the Tutoring Program via the Web. Better tracking of student and tutor interactions. Better communication within the Tutoring Program via email. Decrease in the amount of paper used. It has become an invaluable and integral tool for SCCC's Tutoring Services. I can't wait for the new version!"

-Dan McCrea, Tutor Coordinator at Schenectady County Community College

(C) 2004 Guy Goldstein
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