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Getting support is easy. Simply e-mail us at Help@TutorCoordinator.com, and we will respond as quickly as possible! However, you may wish to check the following places for help first: Support
  • All pages or Virtual Tutor Coordinator are equipped with a help-manual, available by clicking on the "Page Details" image on the top of any page. Each page's manual contains simple instructions on how to perform each task available on the page, as well as some explanation of what changes will occur as a consequence of performing those tasks. If you are viewing a tutor's or student's personal page and are logged in as the tutor coordinator, at the bottom of some of the pages you will be given an extra section labeled "Tutor Coordinator Advantage" where the extra things that you can do on that page as the tutor coordinator will be listed.

Do you need customizations to Virtual Tutor Coordinator V3.1 that are not readily available on the Customize page?
  • Your purchase agreement may have included three free hours of customization of VTCV3.1. Customizations can be requested at any time, but those three free hours must be redeemed during the 30 days following your initial purchase of VTCV3.1.
  • After the 30 days have passed or the said three hours have been used, you can still request extra customizations. These customizations may be performed free of charge, but will otherwise be done at the rate of $50.00 an hour. We reserves the right to reject any requests for modification of the system.
  • You have permission to modify (on your own) any of the code, database structure, or images used in your system, although by modifying the software's code you will void all warranty on any sections of the program affected by your changes.
  • By modifying your copy of Virtual Tutor Coordinaotr or by requesting custom modifications, you grant us unrestricted right to use said modifications in upcoming versions of Virtual Tutor Coordinator. We reserves all rights to all portions of Virtual Tutor Coordinator including but not limited to all code, database structure, help manuals, and images.

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