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If your school or organization offers tutoring... you need VTCV3.1! If you need to try out VTCV3.1, enter your name, organization, phone number, and any comments or questions that you may have. We'll send you a special password that will allow you a one-week trial period, during which you may want to use the system as if you had many meetings going on each week. If you'd like, we will start the system off with students and tutors already setup, so you can simply use the tutor coordinator pages, or you can create your own students and tutors.

When you begin to use the program, you may view the manual on-line to get an idea of initial use as part of the working system. However, VTCV3.1 is so easy to use, after spending an hour or so with it you might not need any manual! Plus, every page has its own manual explaining all of that page's features.

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