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Virtual Tutor Coordinator V3.1 has dozens of quick, easy & functional features, most of which are available simply by pressing a few buttons. The following is a partial list of VTCV3.1's features: Tutor Schedule
    For students and tutors:
  • On-line sign-up pages for tutors & students, for one-on-one and lab tutoring
  • Meeting options that fit a student's schedule
  • Automatic room assignments
  • E-mails for tutors and students with weekly tutoring schedules
  • Internal messaging system
  • Automatic e-mails when:
    • A potential tutor first applies to be a one-on-one or a lab tutor
    • A student first applies for one-on-one tutoring
    • A student sets up a meeting
    • A meeting is paused
    • A meeting is restarted
    • A meeting is removed
    • A tutor makes him/herself available for a student who wanted tutoring but was originally given no meeting options
  • "Pending," "Paused," "Removed," and "Active" meeting status designations
  • "Unmatched Student" status for students who have no meeting options at times for which they are available
  • Optional "Special Student" status for one-on-one students
  • Special students-only classes
  • Lab opening/closing
  • Lab sign-in/sign-out
  • Password-protected personal pages
    • My Tutor CoordinatorTM
    • My Tutoring Schedule
    • My Tutoring Messages
  • A tutors-only message board
  • A help manual for each page
    For the tutor coordinator:
  • The Tutor Coordinator Control BoothTM page from which all of the tutor coordinator's options can be reached
  • Customizable messages, colors, fonts, and system settings
  • Lab statistics for one or all labs; averaged by hour and grouped by day, week, or month
  • Lab statistics for specific students and tutors
  • Payroll set-up and payroll history (with a report of tutors' meetings and lab hours for each period)
  • Mass e-mailing/messaging system, as well as individual messaging
  • One-on-one tutor activation and deactivation
  • Easy-to-use lab and room scheduling
  • A list of meetings in which the students did not attend, with the ability to add mor
  • Ability to view meetings by day, room, status (paused, pending, removed), and tutoring subject
  • Customizable end-of-semester evaluations for one-on-one tutors and students to fill out
  • Organized transaction reports
  • Messages from students and tutor, as well as system messages that are automatically sent to the tutor coordinator
  • A simple personal scheduler with:
    • Setting meetings options
    • An upcoming meeting warning, even if the page is minimized
    • Personal mini-notebook
  • A help manual for each page (with a "Tutor Coordinator Advantage" section listing the tutor coordinator's privileges on students' and tutors' personal pages)
  • Ability to see schedule and personal information on every system user
  • Tracking of every event in the system! The tutor coordinator can track tutors, students, and meeting history.
  • It's so easy to track students and tutors with VTCV3.1... your tutoring system could be aided immensely by adding it! Try our free trial, and we think you'll immediately see the benefits.

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