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To run a tutoring system you need to know what has happened, and who has done each action. With Virtual Tutor Coordinator V3.1 all information is stored and is organized into useful reports so you can stay informed. You can view all transactions made during any period of days, or all transactions involving specific people, meetings, or payroll weeks. For each transaction, a brief description is given, along with the tutor, student, details, and time of transaction. Payroll transactions are also registered showing both original and updated information.
    Some of the Regular Transactions Logged:
  • Added Student/Tutor: When a new student/tutor signs up.
  • Removed Student/Tutor: When a student/tutor is removed (all information will be stored). This will also show how many current meetings the person had before being removed, and were thus cancelled.
  • Renewed Student/Tutor: When a student/tutor who was previously removed is allowed back into the system by the tutor coordinator.
  • Activated Tutor: When a tutor who was previously deactivated is activated. Also shows how many active, pending, and paused meetings the tutor has.
  • Deactivated Tutor: When a tutor who was activate is made inactivate. Also shows how many active, pending, and paused meetings the tutor has.
  • Added/Removed Class: When a student or tutor adds/removes a course for tutoring.
  • Added Meeting...: When a new meeting is added, it stores the room, day, and time of the meeting.
  • Removed Meeting: When a meeting is removed.
  • Paused Meeting: When a meeting is paused.
  • Restarted Meeting: When a paused meeting is restarted.
  • ...Rescheduled to...: When a meeting is rescheduled for some weeks or indefinitely, the weeks and the day, times, and room the meeting will involve are shown here.
  • No Show...: When a student misses a meeting.
  • Meeting paused from...: When a meeting is scheduled to be paused for some weeks or indefinitely.
  • Acc Code...: When a meeting's Accounting Code is changed from one code to another. Also shows the the old code and new code.
  • Pay Code...: When a meeting's Pay Code is changed from one code to another.

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