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With Virtual Tutor Coordinator V3.1, lab tutoring can be easily and efficiently scheduled.
  • Labs are created from the View Labs page by entering a name for the lab. After creating the lab, you may enter courses that are tutored in the lab, as well as the room that the lab is in. If you customize VTCV3.1 to use accounting codes, you should also enter a default accounting code for the lab.
  • When there are courses entered for the lab, you will be given a drop-down list of tutors who tutor in any of the lab's available courses. You may select any of these tutors and add them to the lab.
  • When you add each tutor (or at any later time), you can enter when the tutor will be available for the lab. You will only be given time options for when the tutor is available for lab tutoring.
  • When all of the tutors' schedules are entered, you can view the complete schedule for the lab. It will highlight times when the lab is open, and list which tutors will be there at the time.
  • When students are interested in lab tutoring, they can go to Lab Options and search for labs which tutor their course. For each appropriate lab, they can select to view the schedule for the lab.
  • If labs will take place in rooms equipped with internet/network access and you would like to track actual attendance in the labs, the following features are offered:
    • Labs are opened by a tutor when one goes to Open Lab and enters his/her ID and password (or the tutor coordinator's password). Then subsequent tutors, as well as students, can sign in and out from that screen. Students are also asked to enter any comments about the lab, which are sent to the tutor coordinator as messages.
    • Individual lab averages (the number of students and total student time spent in lab) are broken down by 15-minute intervals and displayed for the tutor coordinator on the lab's main page.
    • Records of signing in and signing out for a specific student or tutor can be accessed from a user's personal history page.
    • More totals broken down by day, week, or month are given under Lab Report. The tutor coordinator is shown total number of students and tutors, as well as total student and tutor time spent in the lab. It then shows the percentage of tutor time used by students in the lab.
    • Lab Statistics gives listings of all times signing in and signing out for students and tutors during any period of days. More information on reports.
    • When the last tutor signs out of the lab, the lab becomes closed. If any students have yet to sign out, the tutor is asked if he/she knows at what time the students left.

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